Evaluation & Support

Rae-Ann offers a full array of support for patients and families prior to admission, during admission, and following discharge.

Patient/Family Education

Our staff is committed to close communication with families and patients. A representative from each Rae-Ann department meets with new families at the time of admission. Throughout a patient’s stay with us, we educate families and patients on care and medication issues. Communication continues all the way through the discharge planning process.

In-home Assessment

Rae-Ann’s expert staff often does in-home health assessments. If a potential patient resides at home, our nursing and admissions team will go to the home to assess proper placement. When rehabilitation patients are preparing to return home, our physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals visit the patient’s residence prior to discharge to prepare for the most successful transition back home.

Outpatient Therapy

Rehabilitation patients who return to their homes or the community often choose to continue their therapy with Rae-Ann on an outpatient basis, to progress to a higher level of functioning beyond the skilled level of care. Rae-Ann offers outpatient therapy at all five facilities.

Social Services

Rae-Ann’s licensed social workers provide emotional support for patients and families and guidance with financial matters, such as Medicaid applications. They also coordinate discharge planning and home-going services as needed.

Psychiatric Consults

Rae-Ann has a team of psychiatrists and psychologists who work with the medical staff at each facility to develop an appropriate plan of care when warranted by a patient’s needs.