Post-Orthopedic and Stroke Recovery

Rae-Ann is an ideal resource for post-acute care following hospitalization for surgery, such as a hip replacement or knee replacement, or recovery from a stroke.

Post-Orthopedic Recovery

Many orthopedic surgery procedures require post-surgery therapy as part of the recovery process. Rae-Ann’s expert therapy teams focus on home-going goals to develop a rehabilitation care plan and timeline. We are proud to have an 88% success rate of rehabilitating patients back to the community.

Stroke Recovery

Recovery from a stroke begins with formal rehabilitation, especially in the crucial period following initial hospitalization. A stroke patient’s rehabilitation goals may include relearning basic skills that may be compromised by a stroke, such as walking, talking, eating, dressing, and cognition. Rae-Ann’s skilled nursing, social services, and therapy specialists work as an interdisciplinary team to create an individual care plan for each stroke recovery patient.

Wound Care

Rae-Ann’s skilled nursing and therapy teams utilize state-of-the-art systems such as light therapy, infrared, TENS, anodyne, pressure-relieving mattresses, and ultrasound to speed the healing process, increase blood flow, stimulate cellular energy, and help maintain skin integrity in patients with compromised conditions.

Medication Management

Medication management – identifying the need for medication, developing a treatment plan, monitoring the plan, and making revisions when necessary – is an important part of the care and recovery process. Rae-Ann’s multidisciplinary approach to medication support includes the physician, psychiatry, nursing, pharmacists, and all therapies.