Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Rae-Ann provides a full array of rehabilitation and therapy services to help patients achieve their highest level of independent functioning. Our rehabilitation team provides comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in state-of-the-art therapy facilities.

Physical Therapy

Rae-Ann utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to identify, prevent, remediate, and rehabilitate acute or chronic physical dysfunction through physical therapy.

Each rehab patient is evaluated and treated based on an individualized plan of care, focusing on flexibility, posture, strength training, coordination, locomotion, joint mobility, and endurance activities. Therapists use electrical stimulation (TENS, PENS), ultrasound, electrically induced heat (diathermy), ice, heat, low impact cardiovascular workouts (NuStep) and motorized rehabilitation systems (Omnicycle) to achieve these goals.

Occupational Therapy

Our professional therapy team develops an individualized plan of occupational therapy care that focuses on functional abilities in activities of daily living, such as assistance in the bathroom, dressing, bathing, meal planning and preparation, and general household chores.

Occupational therapists also advise patients about special tools, equipment, or environmental adaptations needed to enable individuals to function as independently as possible upon returning home.

Speech Therapy

Rae-Ann’s expert speech therapists evaluate each rehab patient to assess memory, cognition, problem-solving, swallowing, hearing, and articulation and develop an individualized therapy plan. Speech therapists also advise about special diet needs and exercises to build strength in surrounding muscles.