The Rae-Ann STNA Training Program

Program Overview

Rae-Ann’s STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) Training Program prepares candidates to complete the Ohio certification test and to work in long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, hospital, home healthcare, and other medical care settings.

At Rae-Ann, STNAs are a very important part of our team. These highly skilled, certified nursing assistants help residents with activities of daily living (ADLs) and are responsible for the first line of residents’ care. STNAs at Rae-Ann provide bedside care under the supervision of our nursing staff, promote physical and emotional wellness, and help restore residents to the greatest level of independence possible.

Our program participants are taught from a comprehensive curriculum approved by the Ohio Department of Health. Students spend time in the classroom working with a state-approved textbook, practicing their skills, and asking questions.

Outside the classroom, students participate in 24 hours of hands-on clinical training in one of our five-star facilities. During clinical rotations, students deliver care to our residents under the supervision of experienced STNAs and program instructors.

At the end of the training program, participants will be invited to interview for STNA positions available at Rae-Ann. All candidates who have successfully completed the program and passed the certification test will be fully qualified to work in a wide range of health-care facilities.

Training and Testing Locations

Rae-Ann offers STNA training programs in two of our Greater Cleveland locations. Our West-side classes are held at The Belvedere of Westlake in Westlake, Ohio. Our East-side classes are conducted at Rae-Ann Geneva in Geneva, Ohio.

How to Participate in Rae-Ann’s STNA Training Program

Because of the hands-on nature of Rae-Ann’s program and the fact that trainees study in our facilities and interact directly with our residents, we have stringent health, safety, and background requirements that all candidates must meet. All applicants must fill out an application, pass a physical, and comply with our facility and program policies.

To learn more about the specifics of each program and apply for admission, click on the links below.

West-side program at the Belvedere of Westlake

East-side program at Rae-Ann Geneva

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