What Our Families Are Saying

“I received  caring treatment under very difficult circumstances.”
– Richard D.
“Everyone treats you very nice and help out a lot. The therapists rock!”
– Barbara B.
The nurses go above and beyond expectations. Excellent care and follow up phone calls to family. The nurses, therapists and entire administration made us feel better about having a loved one in a nursing facility.
– Nancy B.
The Belvedere staff, from day one, has been very cooperative and responsive. Our family has come to view all of them as part of our family! We like the small size of the facility…it’s so attractive. And the food is good and my mom mentions how lovely the dining staff are.
We also appreciate the Belvedere’s efforts to keep communication with the families. Many of us are out of town and the video chats are fantastic. Again, it’s the small things that really make a difference.
-Lynne H.
As a nurse for 52 years, I can say I am so impressed with the assessment skills of the nurses at Rae-Ann. I know their quick action prevented a critical situation for my husband. Also, your therapy department is absolutely outstanding. I appreciate how hard they all work and all that they do.
– K. Carmon

“I have been at Rae-Ann twice. The first time in 2017 for knee revision. I was in rehab for three weeks. Knee revision is tough to get through but the PT and OT I received at Rae-Ann was the best I could ever ask for! After three weeks, there, I walked out using cane and not a walker! It was my third knee replacement and I recovered the fastest because of Rae-Ann. The nursing staff, LPN’s, aids, house cleaning and food services were all contributors to my healing.

July 29th of 2020, I fell down 14 steps in my home. I have a compression fracture of my T6 vertebrae and a sterna fracture. I can’t tell you how hard it I to heal from! I was in the hospital for three days and then transferred to Rae-Ann. Everyone was so attentive to me. When I say everyone, meaning the nurses, PT’s, OT’s, LPN’s, aids, cleaning staff, kitchen staff and the front office staff! They truly cared how much pain I was in and rejoiced with me as I recovered.

After a month I was ready to go back to the Belvedere for assisted living. Ineeded to see how I could take care of myself. I stayed a week with excellent care. Now I am home recovering and doing quite well. If I ever need rehab or assisted living, the only place I would go is Rae-Ann and the Belvedere.”

– Denece P.

“Every department was courteous and helpful. I am grateful to the OT and PT departments for all their help.”

– Linda G.

“During my rehab stay the food and the therapy were very good….actually excellent.”

– Jerome H. 

“I rate Rae-Ann very good in all categories. The patient care was first class. The staff always checked in on me and met my needs.”

– Matthew K. 

“The nurses are the best I have seen and the home is the cleanest I’ve seen!”

– Richard N. 

“My mother has been at Rae-Ann for 2 years. I am very happy with the care she recieves and I am impressed with how nice your entire staff is.”

– Kathy B.

“Our daughter has Celiac disease which was a huge concern for us when finding a facility. Well, after almost 3 years, I can say she has had no dietary issues which is quite a relief for us. Your dietary department does a great job.”

– Janet B.

“My aunt is in memory care at the Belvedere Assisted Living. Every time I come to see her, she is clean, well dressed and kept active with the activites. We are very happy.”

– Connie K. 

“My mother has just turned 97 and has been a resident of Rae-Ann for 5 years. The staff truly care… they are worth their weight in gold! Also, the place is always clean and odor free.”

– Patricia S. 

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to place my wife at Rae-Ann. Your nurses and aides do a great job and on the days I cannot visit, I feel very comfortable that she is there.”

– Dennis K. 

“My father moved into the Belvedere Assisted Living and we are very pleased. He especially likes the meals and the people have been outstandingly kind and attentive to him.”

– Vicki F. 

“We sleep so well at night. The care my sister gets from the front desk to the laundry trip, to the cleaning crew, to the aids and nurses to the awesome activity department and the administration… When I first looked at Rae-Ann Suburban, I connected with it and could see her there and there hasn’t been a day that I’ve felt any differently. It’s wonderful not only to have communication regarding her care but to feel a part of her care is being listened to. The things most important to us other than obviously her care is communication and follow up. I can’t say enough about it all. There is not a time of day I drop in that I don’t feel anything but welcome. On a physical note, the bright and spacious windows and the unbelievable courtyard are second to none. I love that the facility goes into the main square where it is easy to keep track of finding her way around. I love all the different seating nooks, the library, and the beautiful dining room! And on that note, the menu and food seems amazing. We’ve participated in some family activities there. The summer carnival, the adorable set up for trick or treating, and then the beautiful decorating at Christmas which my sister has thoroughly enjoyed. Things look effortless at times and I know that they’re far from. As her family, we are very very appreciative of all Rae-Ann Suburban does for her.”

– Peg Kevern

“I rate Rae Ann Suburban excellent in every category. I can honestly say I have never seen a group of people who work together as well as your staff. Their ability to keep a positive, helpful attitude and get done what needs to be done is amazing.”

– Jim Alton, Avon Lake, OH

“On behalf of our family, I wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to you and your wonderful staff of employees for the care provided to my father over the past several years. You are to be commended for the efforts to bring together a staff of truly caring individuals who put the lives of others and their needs first and foremost each and every day. This by no means is an easy task and requires the selection and training of people who possess both the passion and steadfast commitment to giving of themselves to enrich the lives of others. It was extremely important to us as a family to know that our father was being well cared for which gave us peace of mind to carry out our daily lives without worry or concern.

“In closing, our prayers will always be with you as you provide comfort and well-being to our elders. We wish to again thank you for enabling our father to live out his life with dignity and comfort until his last breath.”

– Cliff Coker, Former President, and CEO, St. John Medical Center

 “Our Mom, Ann Macrum, was a resident of Rae-Ann Geneva for almost six years. She entered the facility after her 90th birthday and chose Rae-Ann herself. She had visited several friends there and would not consider any other place. She loved the staff, the food, and the residents.

We cannot say enough about the staff or thank you enough for continuing to provide such a different kind of facility for those who can no longer live independently. I have worked in other facilities and I recognize the outstanding ‘Rae-Ann Difference’ personally.”

– Antoinette Hill, John Macrum, Jeanne Donze

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving and caring for my mom for the past three years. I will never forget the great care you gave to both her and me when we had nowhere to turn. She loved you all as her family. I always felt so good that she was getting the best of care.”

– A Grateful Daughter

“I want to thank all of you for the beautiful care you gave my mother over the years. Having done volunteer work at nursing homes in New Jersey for 20 years, I can tell you I have never seen a nursing home as good as Rae-Ann.”

– Madeline P.

“I cannot tell you how pleased I was to have my Dad as a resident of your fine facility. Your staff was very loving to a man who, at times, could be very demanding … If you have a new family thinking of having their loved one live at The Belvedere, please feel free to have them call me for a recommendation. My family just cannot say enough and brag enough about The Belvedere—let alone any of the Rae-Ann facilities. You are the diamond in all facets of elder care.”

– Marilyn S. Bartkiewicz

“During my visits to see Mom, I witnessed over and over again so many Rae-Ann staff members providing special attention to all of the residents. I know there is a lot of pressure on the health care industry today when it comes to service, costs, and level of care. Many negative things have been said, perhaps some with validity. I just wanted you to know that, in my opinion, Rae-Ann is what is right about health care for the elderly and the needy. You should be proud.”

– George R. Scoville

“Your entire staff at Rae-Ann is second to none! I chose Rae-Ann Geneva for my wife Sherry’s recovery and we are so pleased with the choice. Sherry’s recovery started the moment she arrived and was greeted by a wonderful, caring staff. We were treated as family during her entire stay. Every member of your staff deserves a thank-you for their hard work and dedication. Please accept our gratitude for making this part of Sherry’s recovery so pleasant. It comes from the heart.”

– John L. Ball, Mayor, Village of Roaming Shores, and Sherry L. Ball